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22 inch touch screen computer wayfinder

All in One Touch Screen Computers for Museums

point2explore offers a wide variety of "all-in-one" touch screen computer systems to fit your specific budget and usage requirements.  From our popular 15" model on up to the gigantic 55" model these computer systems are the perfect solution for museums with limited space.  

Small and Mobile Touch Screen PCs

15 inch touch screen computerOur most popular "all in one" touch panel PC is the 15 inch model.  Due to its affordable price point and the fact that it fits tight locations make it a great solution for many museum exhibits.  Also this unit can easily be transported to be used at events.  A pedestal is included for tabletop use and wall mounts can be provided for a "zero footprint" use.

Large Touch Screen Computers

Big screen touch screen computerElo Elite PartnerWant to make a bigger impact with a larger screen?  We can provide a variety of sizes to fit any space from 18.5 to 32 inch.  These units are great for programs and games with a lot of content or to fill a larger wall space.  The extra "real estate" allows for more information to be displayed and a bigger visual impact.  

Gigantic Touch Screen Displays with Built in Computers

55 inch touch screen computerIf you have the space, we can fill it with touch screen PCs that can't be missed in your exhibit.  In sizes from 42 inch up to 55 inches these huge computer displays will demand your visitor's attention.  These are great for large wayfinders and digital signage applications as well as big impact games.  



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