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Informational Touch Screen Programs

Wayfinding, Site Tours and Trail Guides

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Help your visitors find their way and offer information about your site with interactive maps, beautiful photography, interactive 360 degree photos, and links to more information. This type of wayfinding program can save staff members a lot of time giving directions and answering questions. Site tours can even be used on your web site!


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Recognize outstanding people and achievements in your Hall of Fame or Museum with this interactive program. E-Tribute will allow your visitors to search for the names of soldiers, law enforcement, alumni, athletes, etc. to view a results screen for each inductee, listing their achievements, a short biography and a photograph. A database editor will allow you to easily edit, add and delete information as your list of tributees grows.

Donor Services and Electronic Donation Box

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Strike while the iron is hot! Allow your visitors to donate to your organization right at the kiosk. Renew memberships, adopt-an-animal, sponsor a project, or just give a small gift. The program can collect all necessary information and store it for staff retrieval.

Web Site Viewing

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Yes, you can include web site access on your kiosk and restrict users from visiting Google or checking their stock quotes. SiteKiosk, our software partner for touch screen, internet browsing, offers touch screen access to the web, site browsing restrictions and an on-screen keyboard. SiteKiosk is the premium solution for Internet Kiosks (eg Internet Cafes), Information Kiosks, Entertainment Kiosks, Retail Kiosks, Exhibitional Kiosks and Public Windows PCs.

Score! Survey

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Collect survey data easily with Score! You set up your questions and multiple choice answers and Score! does the rest. Questions are displayed sequentially with clear indication of number of questions left. Answers are in multiple choice format and stored to a database for accuracy in data review. Score! can stand alone or can be added to a game or informational program to add incentive.

Term Viewer

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Help your visitors understand your terminology with this easy to use (and very affordable) program. Scientific, historical, or even terms from other languages make this program a great educational tool. Users can search for terms by category or look for the words in the alphabetical index. You supply up to 100 terms with definitions for your visitors to access.

Image Viewer

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If you have a collection of photographs to share that is not currently on display, this program is for you. Image Viewer was designed to allow your visitors to access your images by category, from a Main Menu. When a category is selected and a thumbnail is chosen, a new screen will display the image with descriptive text. A backend database editor will allow you to easily edit, add and delete photos and descriptive text as your collection grows or changes.

Exhibit Viewer

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If you have an exhibit or diorama with interesting items but don’t have the ability to provide additional information, this application is for you. Our Exhibit Viewer program can be used with a panoramic photo of the exhibit, a user interface to pan and zoom the exhibit, and interactive "hot spots" with links to additional information. This program is being used in Tuckerton Seaport Museum along with their taxidermy diorama to allow visitors to get interesting information on the beautiful birds "residing" in the exhibit. Just pan the image and touch a bird to view interesting information and photos.

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